Breaking the pollution cycle by keeping plastics in the economy and out of our ocean.

NextWave is supported by global thought leaders in scientific research and environmental advocacy.


New Materials Institute

Jenna Jambeck, Associate Professor, Center for Circular Materials Management, New Materials Institute, University of Georgia

"I am excited to see the private sector step up and take an active role in addressing the challenges of marine debris. By changing the way we think about waste, valuing the management of it and establishing groups such as this that create an economically viable and scalable model, we can catalyze the development of infrastructure including new jobs and opportunities for economic innovation while improving the living conditions and health for millions of people around the world."


Anna & Marcus Cummins

Co-Founders, The 5Gyres Institute

"5Gyres is thrilled to be participating in NextWave. Having seen the impacts plastic pollution is having on our marine ecosystems world wide, were committed to finding new ways to collaborate on source reduction and systems change, to protect our already strained ocean environment. Given the ubiquitous nature of plastic waste, we can only solve this problem through effective, strategic partnerships, such as this one."


Nick Hill

Senior Technical Specialist, Conservation for Communities, Marine & Freshwater Programme, Zoological Society of London

"Net-Works has been committed to redesigning supply chains to reduce marine plastics, replenish declining fish stocks and improving the lives of marginalised coastal communities in developing countries since 2012. We welcome NextWave’s commitment to create operational and sustainable systems to reduce ocean-bound plastic pollution at scale, and look forward to sharing our experiences to help further their mission. Ultimately, it is the world's poor and rural fishing communities in developing countries that are at the sharp end of ocean-bound plastics, and efforts such as NextWave are essential to redressing the balance."


NextWave supports the work of the UN Environment.